GitLab - Self Hosted Git Management

GitLab is a Self Hosted Git Management similar to GitHub, developed in ruby on rails.

GitLab is an open source platform to use GIT for your projects on collaborative manner with a clean management interface.

Here some features listed:

  • SSH key management
  • Browser source code
  • Manage project
  • Merge Requests
  • Comments
  • Control Repository access
  • Network Graph
  • Code snippets
  • Administration
  • Wiki
  • Issues

One of the advantage of this solution, is to keep full control of your project's sources, secured and hosted on your own server.

About the author

Consultant, Web strategist, and Drupal enthusiast, I use open source software to build application that connects people and spread ideas. I believe that internet can lead to powerful changes for progressive organizations, and for our future.

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