Tip to reduce memory usage of Safari

As Web consultant, easy to believe that I am spending a lot of my time browsing Web. Since my last update to Mac Lion (currently on 10.7.4), Safari used 800 MB of RAM with only 5 tabs opened. I usually actively runs over 15 applications in the same time (including 2 or 3 different browsers). The last benchmarks showed me that Firefox has a better memory efficiency.

I tested Firefox (12.0) and Safari (5.1.7) to find a way to gain more free memory and to avoid my laptop to slowdown when I am working. 

Here the result of my personal benchmark on Memory used (RAM) by tabs opened by browser  (for each test, the application is restarted) :

 64 bit-mode  with 5 tabs opened Memory used (RAM) with 10 tabs opened
Safari (5.1.7)  800 900
Firefox (12.0)  400 650


 34 bit-mode Memory used (RAM) with 5 tabs opened Memory used (RAM) with 10 tabs opened
Safari (5.1.7)  350 550
Firefox (12.0)  300 450

 Safari activity monitor 32 bit mode (10 tabs opened)

 I am clearly going to use my browsers in 32-bits mode. It does not not seem to have a big impact on the browser itself in terms of performance. Some websites also advised to uninstall flash since browsing the web without Flash is less of an issue. 

How to set up an application running in 32 bit mode ?

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