Automating Drupal Development: Makefiles, Features and beyond

Added on: Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 08:10
Review: Synthetic presentation of things possible with drush, profiles, features... Give a quick idea about how the "features" module can help a developer to save time with automated deployment of modules and site configurations.

The Nuvole presentation at Drupal Dev Days Barcelona

Features are a well-known and very useful tool to streamline Drupal development and write reusable components. However, if you get serious about automating as much as possible in your Drupal development, you need to add other tools to your daily practices, and master them properly: forget the tedious, error-prone, point-and-click and embrace Code-Driven Development.

Automating Drupal Development, as presented by Nuvole at the Drupal Developer Days Barcelona last week, consists of the following steps:

  • Automating code retrieval. Use Drush Make to keep track of modules, patches and Features, and rely on Buildkit as a basic distribution with preselected modules to make your development faster. Use Drush Bake to create makefiles based on templates.
  • Automating installation. Customize the installation profile to perform all tasks you need during installation, especially pre-configuring your site with...