6 Ways to Boost Your Rankings Using Google Authorship

Added on: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 10:01

Google authorship is big on the agenda for a lot of SEOs at the moment, and rightly so considering how heavily Google is looking to push this into search results.

Creating a personal brand is incredibly valuable toward building and strengthening great relationships. After all, you’re always going to have more trust in recommendations from your own circle of friends.

This study from Nielsen strongly backs this up, with 90 percent of people trusting recommendations from people they know. In comparison, only 41 percent trust search engine results!

That stat alone shows the importance of why Google had to become more social. If searchers are given more buying trust in their results, then advertisers are going to get a better return on investment. And Google authorship appears to be a key part of their solution toward achieving this, essentially merging personalized search with your social circle.

So what can you do to capitalize on this?