09 Jun 2012

What's Drupal ?

In 2000, A Belgian student Dries Buytaert created  the first version of Drupal as a “Web board”, allowing the group of friends to leave each other notes about the status of the network, to announce where they were having dinner, or to share some noteworthy news items. In 2001, Dries decided to open source his software so that the community is able to experiment on their own and leave him the time and space to do his own experimentation and developing. Since then its project had attracted developers and Webmasters who used the software on a daily basis.

Drupal’s popularity gained a tremendous boost when it was used to run several sites for Howard Dean’s Presidential campaign in 2004. Since then, it’s undergone two major revisions, become the software running tens of thousands of Web sites, and emerged as the second-largest open- source project in the world (after the Linux kernel).

Speaking of Linux, Drupal shares many of that project’s goals, working methods, and pattern of success in the marketplace. Like most of Linux (and approximately two-thirds of all open-source projects), Drupal is licensed under the GNU General Public License1, a highly permissive contract that guarantees your ability to use and modify the software as you like, free of charge. Like Linux, Drupal is integral to the business life of thousands of enterprises. Just as important, the communities that maintain both Linux and Drupal are highly proactive about maintaining software quality to the level that these enterprises demand.

Drupal’s popularity is partly due to growing acceptance of CMSes in general over static Web-development techniques. Its two largest competitors, WordPress (wordpress.org) and Joomla (joomla.org) have also experienced remarkable growth over the past several years, and each is generally acknowledged to host a larger number of sites than Drupal. However, Drupal far outstrips them in the size, complexity, traffic, and security demands of sites hosted. Simply put, Drupal has had the most real-world testing by enterprise-level clients.

(Source: Media Current)


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