07 Mar 2012

Drupal SEO tools application by Levelten

I am testing the levelten drupal application for SEO tools. You can get a lot of information and videos from their website (http://www.leveltendesign.com/seo-tools). Currently the version of this module is Version 7.x-1.0-alpha5


SEO tools is suit of drupal modules helping to improve the search engine ranking by making suggestions on the article edit form, through the following modules :


Drupal SEO modules :

  • Global Redirect : Searches for alias of the current URL and 301 redirects if found. Stops duplicate content arising when path module is enabled.
  • Meta Tags : The Meta tags module allows you to automatically provide structured metadata about your website. In the context of search engine optimization, when people refer to meta tags, they are usually referring to the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag that may help improve the rankings and display of your site in search engine results.
  • Page Title : The page title module improves the HTML header tag which shows up in the <title> location. This title tag is used within search results as the title of the page. This is one of the single most important "front-facing" search engine improvements one can do to their Drupal website.
  • Pathauto : The Pathauto module automatically generates URL/path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias.
  • Redirect : The redirect module allows Drupal users to specify a redirect from one of their node paths (URL) to another path (URL) or to an external URL, using any HTTP redirect option. This nice Drupal redirect module can assist with easy 301 redirections, 302 (temporary redirects), and more.SEO Friend (No release history available for seo_friend 7.x.)
  • XML Sitemap : The XML sitemap module creates a sitemap that conforms to the sitemaps.org specification. This helps search engines to more intelligently crawl a website and keep their results up to date.


SEO tools core:

Content Analyzer modules :

  • Google analytics :  Allows your site to be tracked by Google Analytics by adding a Javascript tracking code to every page.
  • Content Optimizer : The Content Optimizer module helps to increase your site’s search engine (e.g. Google) rankings by improving on-page optimization factors and insuring your content conforms to Drupal SEO best practices. It adds an additional interface under each section of the article form. with warning to help you to improve the content based on the most research keywords.

  • Insight : Provides a suite of advanced content analyzers in a single API. Features content scoring, SEO analysis, keyword extraction, optimization recommendations. It acts as the reports manager for Drupal SEO Tools.
  • Readability : Grades content for readability using five popular automated readability standards.
  • Alchemy : Extracts keywords, concepts and entities from content using the Alchemy service*.
  • Keyword Research: This module provides a rich user interface for keyword analysis and management. it helps you explore, analyze and select keyword phrase's popularity and the popularity of suggested related phrases for your content directly from your website using various data sources such as :
    • Wordtracker : Wordtracker is a keyword research tool.
    • Scribe SEO :  Scribe SEO is a tool that is like a content optimization assistant. It analyzes web pages, blog posts, etc. The tool then tells the site owner how to tweak their content to get more traffic while preserving quality content for readers.
    • WordStream : The WordStream service provides two types of tools, free keyword research javascript widgets and a keyword research api (with a free account option)


Other modules (these modules have no SEO properties):

  • Libraries : Allows version dependent and shared usage of external libraries.
  • Features : Provides feature management for Drupal.
  • Strongarm : Enforces variable values defined by modules that need settings set to operate properly.


The installation is pretty easy by using the apps and levelten apps modules if your website is online. 

Working on local environment, I had to downloaded manually all the modules. Here the drush command:

drush dl alchemy, contentanalysis, contentoptimizer, google_analytics, google_analytics_reports, features, globalredirect, insight, kwresearch, libraries, metatag, pathauto, redirect, strongarm, wordstream, xmlsitemap

You can find the dependencies with drupal 7.x by downloading seotools first and see the modules list page.

After the installation done, go to Configuration » Search and metadata » SEO Tools, then get a Google Analytics account, a WordStream api account (https://www.wordstream.com/keyword-tool-api), and an API key to use the Alchemy API service (http://www.alchemyapi.com/api/register.html).


Conclusion :

I am not comfortable to install a whole set of modules until I know that each of them are needed.

Drupal is a heavy architecture specially if you install a high number of modules. That's the reason why, I am going to make my own list of SEO must-have modules soon.

Seotools is still in alpha and not yet for production drupal 7 website. it also needs better user interfaces. So far, it gives a good overview of all available best SEO module for Drupal. The main purpose of this module is to centralize several data source for an advanced SEO optimization, and Levelten is on the good way to deliver a very useful tool.


* Alchemy service :  AlchemyAPI utilizes statistical natural language processing technology and machine learning algorithms to analyze your content, extracting semantic meta-data: information about people, places, companies, topics, languages, and more. 

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