06 Apr 2012

Drupal for NonProfit

The open-source Drupal content management system (CMS) has quickly become the go-to platform for building scalable, community-driven websites. Since Drupal is used by the world largest companies or organization, it becomes difficult to have doubt about its performance, security and reliability. On the other hand, non-profit organizations can now benefit of the same high level technology to leverage their activity.


As Aaron Pava said at the DrupalCon Denver 2012, non-profit organization have two main problems :

  • No strategic planning as they have a different purpose than enterprise
  • No technical knowledge or support, as they want to focus on their mission

Spreading information by building website is an attempt to create massive awareness to build a sustainable future. The following examples made huge impact on the organizations who deployed Drupal solution (by Civicactions):


I believe that internet can lead to powerful changes. As consultant, providing support to Non-profit organization can be a way to help them in their mission and have a chance to make a change.


About the author

Consultant, Web strategist, and Drupal enthusiast, I use open source software to build application that connects people and spread ideas. I believe that internet can lead to powerful changes for progressive organizations, and for our future.

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