13 Jun 2012

Drupal Commerce

Drupal is an Open Source Content management system, gathering a large community of members. One main advantage of its Commerce module (distributed by Commerce Guys) is to be fully integrate to this well-known CMS who as made his proof in terms of flexibility, scalability and modularity.
It becomes very easy to set up a boutique and to modify it. There is thousands of modules and themes already existing who makes Drupal Commerce Drupal considerably flexible, and easy to start small project quickly.


The advantage of being linked to the Drupal CMS

The Drupal community is really active and passionate, which is obviously a great asset to any Open Source solution. Drupal commerce is first of all a framework easily understandable by Drupal developers which let's hope a rapid expansion.


A solution still too young?

Drupal commerce has been build from scratch specially for Drupal 7

Younger platform e-commerce of this panorama, Drupal Commerce display a surprising maturity as the team has been supporting Ubercard for Drupal 6. However the associated services to the platform are not as mature as others that have been around longer in the industry (Prestashop, Magento, ...) 

To find more information about Drupal Commerce, see their new website on Drupalcommerce.org.


My experience

I built my first Drupal commerce website during the early days of Drupal commerce (2011). The objective was to focus on the blog, knowing the small sized catalog of products. Drupal commerce was a perfect match for this project who was a website migration from osCommerce with basics e-commerce features. Compared with other e-commerce solutions, Drupal commerce does not come with all the turnkey features. This aspect turn to be an advantage to build small e-commerce website with a modest set of features (to avoid using labyrinthine system) . I still continue to improve my first Drupal commerce project as there is more and more contributed modules available.

About the author

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