14 Mar 2012

Basics ways to improve speed on Drupal website

Speed is involved into keeping website visitor as faster websites wins out slower ones.
Users do not have the patience with website taking too much time to load.

Drupal is a flexible CMS, and some how a bit weighty. I am going to introduce you some basics ways to improve speed on Drupal websites.



You do not need to uninstall or remove them, but do not use anything you do not need.

Example : User interface module like "Views UI" (administration interface of Views module in Drupal 7).



The Drupal built-in caching system will help you to improve performance. Enabling this feature, will store queries into specific cache database table to allow faster response time.

You can do so by going to the 'Performance' settings under the ‘Configuration’ tab.

Another aspect helping to improve your website's speed as well, consist to aggregate CSS and JavaScript files through the performance settings.



Drupal has an intensive use of the database. Using the boost module helps to skip Drupal/PHP/SQL process by serving html compressed page directly.

This module improves performance only for anonymous user. Boost is the best alternative if a high number of anonymous user visit your website, and if your website runs on shared hosting.

Boost will generates a static file cache to avoid multiple database queries.

Boost for Drupal 7 is pretty easy to configure, go to Administration > Configuration > System > Boost.

NB.  Memcache module seems a good alternative if you have authenticated users.



For website using the well-known Views module, you may be aware of his consumption of resources. By default in Views 3, data caching is enabled by default, but you need to set up the caching for each specific view.



The Entity cache module has no admin interface. Once enable, it will create a cache for entities (Nodes, Comments, Taxonomy terms, Taxonomy vocabularies, Files, Users), and improve drastically performance for Drupal websites storing large amounts of data.


(updated on 02 june 2012)

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